Packing? No problem! I’ll just put everything in boxes! But packing well is not so simple. Start early, and take the time to do it right. You’ll thank yourself later. Getting tired of packing? Convince yourself that you don’t like the rest of your stuff…

We at LetsGo Movers offer full packing service with our professional crew!

  • Boxes, boxes and more boxes. At LetsGo Movers we have a full line of supplies to sell, otherwise no need to pay for them, though! Save your grocery order boxes and have your neighbors donate theirs to your worthy cause. Collect them from the receiving department of local stores. Check the free giveaway listings in local papers for people who recently moved and are giving away their boxes free of charge. Wherever you get them from, reinforce the tape at the bottom, and make sure to leave some for last-minute items.
  • Fill each box completely. When things have the extra space to move about, they can get damaged. Make sure each box is sealed well, and label it clearly on all sides so the movers will know where to put it in your new home. While using a Sharpie to label the boxes works fine, try color coded tape, which makes it very easy for yourself and the movers to see exactly in which room each box needs to go.
  • Know where your belongings are. Take an extra few seconds to list, on the outside of each box, the items you packed inside. This is not necessary for the movers, but will make things much easier for you when you toddler will need her stuff rabbit ASAP and you are eyeing 69 identical boxes…
  • Cut down on boxes. Use suitcases, laundry hampers and storage containers as part of your moving supplies. Send nothing empty.
  • Save space by vacuum packing. Housewares stores sell large bags that can be filled with bulky items like blankets, coats and out-of-season clothing. A vacuum cleaner can then be used to suction out all the air and seal the bags flat to a fraction of their size.
  • Never pack towels. Use them to wrap and protect fragile dishes and stemware.
  • Avoid finding broken dishes. Use appropriately sized foam plates between Corelle or china dishes to avoid cracks and other disasters. It may take up lots of space, but you’ll know that your dishes are safe.
  • Pack clothing smartly. At LetsGo Movers we provide wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes. To save on space and keep them safe, bunch clothing together into groups of 5 to 10 hangers and slip a garbage bag over them from the bottom up (long clothing can be gently folded upward). Then tie the bag at the top around the hangers. Neat and easy!
  • Stretch wrap is a must-have item for packing. It can be used for fragile items, small appliances, silver, books and just about anything for easy and protective packing.
  • Defrost your freezer in advance. Otherwise, if it drips in the truck it may damage your goods.
  • Keep valuables with you. It is not advised to send jewelry, expensive silver pieces or other valuables with the movers. Bring them to your new home yourself.
  • Pack a box with Essentials. You’ll want these within easy access right away, without having to rummage through 18 boxes to get them. Pack items like trash bags, paper goods, phone chargers, toilet paper, personal items, Etc.

For a stress-free move where you are guaranteed to get the best service and quality contact us today! Let’s Go Moving takes pride in taking care of every need of our customers before and during the move.