The big day has arrived! Plan for success by being prepared.

We at LetsGo Movers offer full packing service with our professional crew!

  • Ensure truck space at both locations. This is especially important if you share a driveway/entrance. And all surfaces should be cleared of all contents.
  • Keep Kids Safe. While kids love to be part of the fun and watch movers in action, they should get a designated spot to watch the spectacle and be out of the movers’ way.
  • Give you movers a house map. Show them exactly where each room is, corresponding to the labels on your boxes. It is also advisable to give them a room plan so they can see where to place and set up Furniture pieces.
  • Next be courteous to your movers. Although they are getting paid (and tipped), it is still polite to offer them a cold drink. Give clear instructions if needed in a considerate manner. They are working very hard!
  • Help all family members get home easily. remember to notify playgroup drivers, and make proper bus changes in advance so all kids can be in the right place at the right time.

The movers have left, the house smells fresh and inviting, and you now have to tackle the mountain of boxes. Enjoy the new chapter, have an easy adjustment with neighbors and buses, and remember home is where the heart is, even though you can’t remember in which box you packed it! ​

With LetsGo Movers we can ensure you the most pleasant moving experience!